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bssIn 1996 all of the main inland waterways and rivers in the UK introduced the Boat Safety Scheme - BSS, where all boats have to be examined every 4 years to ensure that they remain safe.
It's like an MOT for boats but it doesn't check the tyres!

I am one of around 200 examiners, but unlike the majority of them I am not connected with a marina or marine engineering business and therefore I don't offer any remedial engineering work as part of the examination. This means that the owner can do any work himself, or choose his preferred engineer to effect any repairs, safe in the knowledge that the fault list has not been padded to increase revenue.

January 2013 sees the arrival of the 3rd revision of the scheme examination points. The changes needn't worry or affect the majority of boat owners, I'll be looking at 240ac voltage systems on the boat, shore supply, inverter or generator - but these are advice checks so you will not fail the exam, just get recommendations of things to change.

I'll need to see the gas locker without anything in it, which means it needs to be emptied before I arrive on the day of the examination. I'm not allowed to do the work myself as my insurance doesn't cover it. (This applies to all examiners - so if someone says they'll do it for you, check to see they are insured).

Also, there will be no boat safety certificate as we have known it for the last 16 years. Instead there will be a document that will be issued that can be emailed as a pdf or printed and posted, but it can't be supplied on the day of the examination.

A return visit, if required, is normally free unless the boat is more than 30 minutes travel from TW12 2HA.

2018 Prices are :-

Outboard & Electrics £125.00

Outboard, Electrics and LPG appliances £147.00

Inboard & Electrics £147.00

Inboard, Electrics & LPG appliances £170.00

Travelling per hour over 10 miles £15.00

Weekend examinations plus £25

These prices are set to rise in April 2018 when the certificate charges and registration fees are increased.

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